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Our Story

Our pediatric dental practice was founded by Dr. Freeman Rosenblum in 1965. Dr. Rosenblum was joined by Dr. David Lipschultz in 1974 and Dr. Michael Cellitti in 1976. Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates was formed with the goal of providing all children with quality and compassionate dental care. We now have 7 pediatric dentists who provide specialized pediatric dental care at 4 convenient locations around the Twin Cities.

Experienced Children's Dental Specialists

The dentists and dental team members at Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates have been providing quality dental care for children and adolescents in the Twin Cities since 1965.  All of the pediatric dentists at Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates have special training in children’s dentistry, and we all have young children or nieces and nephews of our own. We love kids! We are aware of special problems associated with children’s teeth, such as issues caused by pacifier use, nursing or baby bottles, and juice consumption and we know how to effectively treat children with conditions resulting from these behaviors.

Does Your Child HAve the Wiggles?

Our dentists and dental team members are experienced with child behavior and development. Kids can be shy, silly, nervous, or afraid during their dental appointments. We, as children’s dental specialists, know how to handle the fears, emotions, and actions of children by being patient and understanding. For patients who have special needs or for little ones who require a large amount of treatment, we offer Hospital Dentistry, which allows us to complete all dental work in a safe environment, while your child is asleep!

Pediatric Patients Means Infants, children, and adolescents

At Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates, we treat infants, babies, children, preteens and teenagers. Our pediatric dentists have studied tooth eruption and the spacing issues that may arise with the mixed dentition of children. We understand the importance of orthodontics and offer limited orthodontic care, right in our offices.

Kid Friendly Offices
By Design

Each of our 4 dental office locations (FridleyEaganNorth Oaks, and St. Paul) were specially designed with kids in mind. We offer comfortable waiting rooms, open bay treatment rooms, and child-friendly décor. After each check-up appointment, we give our patients a colorful toothbrush, floss, and (at every visit) a token to use in our special prize machine.

Community Involvement

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