Updated 10/1/22: Our universal face covering policy remains in place for all patients, parents, and staff regardless of vaccination status. 

The State of Minnesota’s decision to end the masking mandate does not apply to many healthcare settings, including MPDA. We are a pediatric healthcare provider committed to providing dental care for all children, including the medically compromised. We are still treating a largely unvaccinated child population and will continue following COVID-19 safety precautions to protect the most vulnerable.

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you will notice some changes that have been implemented at each of our locations for the safety of your family and our staff. Please review all of the information below before your scheduled appointment.

  • Masks are required for everyone over the age of 2 who enters the office.
  • It is required that only one parent/guardian and only the child(ren) scheduled come to the appointment.
  • Prior to the appointment, please make sure you and your child(ren) have used the bathroom.
  • The clinic will be a little chillier, so we suggest bringing a jacket or sweater.
  • Our offices have been set up to follow social distancing guidelines, so you will notice changes throughout the clinic. Please make sure your child(ren) are aware of these changes before entering the office.
Appointment Confirmation
  • You will receive a phone call a day before your scheduled appointment (if you have a Monday appointment, you will receive a phone call the Friday before). A staff member will be contacting you to go over your child(ren)’s health history, update address, phone numbers, and insurance information.
  • If you need to make a payment, we ask you make your payment over the phone.
Checking In
  • Contact the office when you arrive and have parked in the parking lot to check-in. We ask for you to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. (If you are late to your appointment we can not guarantee you will still be seen.)
  • A team member will call you when we are ready for you to come into the office.
  • When entering the office, you will be greeted by a staff member who will check your family’s temperatures. Hand sanitizer will be required and is available upon entering the office.
We Might Look Different
We partnered with Dr. Archana Mani to create this visual aid to help prepare you and your children for your visits to our offices during the Coronavirus pandemic. The photo on the left shows what we look like under all of our PPE, the middle photo shows the PPE we wore before COVID, and the last photo shows how you can expect us to be dressed when you come in for an appointment during COVID. This personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn to keep our patients, parents, and team safe. We may look a lot different these days, but we are smiling under our masks and still providing the same great care!
We look forward to seeing you and your family again! Thank you for your patience during this time.
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