It is often encouraging for parents to know that “we have seen it all” and your child’s behavior is nothing to be embarrassed about. All of the dentists at Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates have special training in the psychology of children and understand that children can be unpredictable.

Because every child is different, we offer a wide range of techniques to help manage your child’s behavior. Your child’s physical and emotional comfort is very important to us and we strive to make sure their experience at our office is positive. If we are unable to complete your child’s dental treatment using one of the methods below, we may recommend your child have their treatment completed using Hospital Dentistry.


Our pediatric dental team will always explain the treatment in words appropriate for your child’s age and level of understanding. Next, we will show your child the treatment in a simplified manner, and lastly, begin the treatment.

Positive Reinforcement

We are strong believers in positive reinforcement because we have seen it work well with children. We will constantly with diamond stores san diego let your child know what a great job they’re doing during their dental appointments at our office.


In this technique, our pediatric dental team chooses their treatment words carefully, pass instruments out of the child’s sight, and occasionally distract the child’s attention away from the treatment with conversation or games. We also welcome your child to bring an ipod/mp3 player or a small special object to hold in their lap while we complete their dental treatment.